Company profile

The skills of decorating are an integral part of our industry. For many years we have not promoted the benefits of what is known as Architectural Decorating.

  • Architectural Decorating is the identification of the architecture.
  • Embellishment creates style and reinforces design.

Mulholland Restorations applies Quality Program AS 9002 to our work, is a registered member of the Master Painters’ Association, member of the Artisans’ Guild of Australia, and each member of staff is trained in specific decorative techniques under the direction of the company’s skills manager to complete the range of Architectural Decorating Skills.

The range of services offered includes experience and continuous study of the systems, means and techniques of traditional applications. This approach allows for replication of existing treatments that match the original decorative treatments and colour schemes. These may be in plaster medium for texturing, brush technique for specific decorative schemes, applications for authentic reproductions, and paint manufacture for special purposes.

Mulholland Restorations is committed to being acknowledged as leaders in this widely diversified field of Architectural Decorating, Restoration and Conservation of Painted Surfaces.

We also provide:

  • Restoration and conservation of painted surfaces
  • Investigative work
  • Specific colour matching and formulae production
  • Highest quality hand cut stencils available
  • Historically accurate sign writing
  • Special paint manufacturing requirements
  • Decorative styles from Egyptian to Eclectic, Victorian,
    Aesthetic and Art Deco
  • Trompe l’oeil
  • Heritage painting techniques and Art Wall paper hanging
  • French Polishing

Company History

The history of the company dates back to 1932 when Thomas Mulholland, David’s father started his apprenticeship in paint making. Thomas started the painting and decorating business in 1947 and this business continues today. David took over a section of the business in 1968 and formed Mulholland Brothers Master Painters Pty Ltd, registered in 1974. Mulholland Restorations is the trading name of Mulholland Brothers Master Painters Pty Ltd having now more than 70 years involvement in the painting industry.

The managing director, David Mulholland, commenced his apprenticeship under his fathers guidance in 1963. Mulholland Restorations through David has a long and involved commitment to the painting industry, being a Councillor for 9 years with the main training college for apprenticeship and industry studies, a 30 year active membership of the Master Painters Australia, including President and board member for many years, representing Master Painters Australia at the 100 year celebration of Irish Master Painters and again in Paris with the European Union of Master Painters.

In addition, David was a founding member of the Artisans’ Guild of Australia Inc., a group of craft persons devoted to seeking excellence in every day work. The guild provides the opportunity to interact with and learn from like-minded people. Significantly, David was awarded the 1995 International Specialised Skills Fellowship. This was awarded in order to allow David to study plaster consolidation treatments, historic paint repair techniques and dry powder colour systems. These study subjects are of an historic nature and took place in the Dolmabache Palace and the Yildiz Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

Helen Mulholland maintains an ongoing training and education program which stems from the directors’ philosophy of seeking knowledge at every turn. This program is designed to ensure that the company maintains its current acknowledgement of being the ‘first call’ supplier in their chosen field.

Mulholland Restorations is committed to the restoration and conservation of Heritage buildings and surfaces. The nature of the work demands that discriminating attention is paid to research, technical expertise, project management, site specific capability, sourcing input from others and conformance with the Burra Charter in order to provide a technically correct, creative and harmonious solution to clients’ individual requirements.

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