“often the problem is more than a skin deep discolouration…”

Limestone Cleaning/Stain Removal

Mulholland Restorations has been involved in various jobs requiring lime stone cleaning and stain removal. This can be a very difficult job as often the problem is more than a skin deep discolouration. We have had success with long term rust and deep tannin stain removal as well as the cleaning of years of built up dirt and grime.

Each job requires a different approach and these can vary greatly. Deep stains requiring poultice applications, moisture veiling systems etc, to draw the deepest stains from the surface or to careful cleaning procedures to remove some water marks are within our capability range.

Paint Removal

Paint removal work can require dedicated systems for public safety issues, OH & S regulations, and protection of detailed substrates. Essentially set up for non industrial removal, our company can evaluate the most appropriate approach from a variety of considerations.

Chemical, solvent, natural based systems, and manual removal (including scalpel) are part of the varied approach, and includes the capture and safe disposal of removed material.

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