“light, bright and alive…”

All Cathedrals are important buildings and St. Patrick’s is no exception. Over the years, alterations, repairs and general dirt build up came to a point where something was to be done. Fortunately, it was decided to clean the interior and not paint as is often the case.

We spent 5 months cleaning and removing painted sections from this interior. Now, unencumbered by inappropriate repairs, the Cathedral is again light, bright and alive.

The cleaned oxide coloured rendered wall surfaces required a careful cleaning regime to ensure no surface staining would occur from the wash-off. Blue stone pillars, limestone ceilings, stretched canvas decorated ceiling panels were all carefully cleaned to achieve a result of some significance.

Beautiful woodwork was stripped and re polished to further enhance the results. Some highlighting around the arches and cornices gives enough detailing to enrich in a subtle manner. The outcome of these works has been widely appreciated.

In conjunction with Falkinger Andronas Conservation Architects

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